Luncheon with the US Ambassador

March 5th, 2010 

March is “Women in History Month” here in Africa.  The AWC (American Women’s Club) had an idea to host a luncheon of 2 prominent American business women to celebrate Women in History in their honor.  Chosen were Ann Picard (Shell VP of African Operations) and Robin Renee Sanders (US Ambassador to Nigeria). Unfortunely, Ann was called out of town on business and was unable to attend.  However, we had a wonderful buffet luncheon at a new hotel on Ikoyi at the Protea Hotel Westwood.  The Honorable Madame Sanders was our guest.  It was a no press event (i.e. no cameras at all).   Our guests included 10 women directors and managers from UBA (United Bank of Africa), Danielle Fortin, the Canadian Ambassador (High Commission), Princess Sarah Adebisi Sosan (the Deputy Governor of Lagos State), and Donna Blair, The US Consul General. A sponsor provided a case of champagne to toast these famous Women in History which is a wonderful way to start a luncheon.

Madame Sanders willingly hosted a question and answer session with the guests.  She is a well informed and well spoken lady that discussed her role as Ambassador here in Africa.  She fielded questions on politics both local and global and the US position on several issues as well as the questions on security and American safety here in Lagos and the Niger Delta.  She has traveled to all 36 states in Nigeria to meet the people and the local governors.  Princess Sarah Sason congratulated Madame Sanders on the travel accomplishment as she herself had not been to all the states in Nigeria.  Princess Sason is also a well spoken and accomplished woman.  She took notes of the questions and had answers ready when Madame Sanders was done speaking.  She answered several questions discussing local issues (i.e. Road repairs, beautification, power, petrol and other improvements in Lagos).  What should have been 30 minutes turned into a 2 hour discussion and was so interesting. We closed the luncheon with a quiz about famous women in History and door prizes.  I was lucky enough to win a luncheon for 2 at the restaurant in the Protea Hotel complete with wine!

Oh Rocky and I went this Sunday past and sampled the luncheon buffet and drank our bottle of wine sitting water side in the restaurant having excellent service and a quiet enjoyable luncheon.  

This is my Nigeria!