What is the food like?

It seems that friends are curious about the food here.  Well we are in a hotel that caters to international businessmen.  The food is of a wide variety and of moderate taste.  There is as of yet nothing spectacular.  There are lots of red and brown sauces on meats, fish and vegetables.  The main influeneces seem to be Indian and African.  Because there are several American businessmen there are buffets in 2 of the restruants.  A salad of Iceberg lettuce or any lettuce is rare, but there are salads just using cold vegetables mixed in a variety of ways with your choice of salad dressings.  Bacon is generally thinly sliced ham that is fried in any size or shape.  One drinks bottled water at every meal in addition to what ever beverage is ordered.  We have eaten italian, chinese, lebanese, and hotel.  Oh, coffee and pastery shops are plentiful, however, no Starbucks.  Lots of the food comes from either Egypt or South Africa.  The locals sell vegetables at Falomo bridge ….this womens booth is full of yams, very large yams!  These yams are a main staple of the locals.