Queens Drive’s Wednesday Night Football Barbeque

January 27, 2010

Wednesday Night Football has become a religion to the guards, staff, drivers, and expatriates at Queens Drive.  Attendance is anywhere for 15 to 25 players.  Recently a large brick Barbeque grill was built on the water side of Queens Drive outside the tennis court where Wednesday night football is played.  So it was decided to Baptize the grill after having a little friendly football competition.  Four drivers were selected as Captains:  Richard, Sunday Ujie (our driver,short Sunday), Sunday (tall Sunday), and Emmanuel.  They each had to select 6 players from Queens Drive (expats, guards, staff or drivers) for their team and then play a mini competition.  After the competition the residents would then serve the team a Barbeque feast.   We have a resident grill master, Eric, who cooked Chicken, Hot Dogs, Burgers and Brisket (the brisket came all the way from Texas) while the competition was being played.  He was assisted by a residents cook, Emanuel.  The teams were evenly picked and play was fast and furious but fun.  Wives and children came to watch.  One young player, Martin, was the team photographer in between playing.  Every one enjoyed the barbeque of their choice and refreshments. The yellow team won captained by our driver, Sunday Ujie!  He was so proud! DSCN3141 Ping Pong (table tennis) match for the non-footballers. DSCN3144 The new grill DSCN3158 Grillmaster Eric and Chef Emanual DSCN3151 The winning team! Captain Sunday (standing in black far right). DSCN3152  The Blue Team & Captain (tall) Sunday (on the far left standing). DSCN3159 Captain Richard (standing far right) and the Green team. DSCN3161 Captain Emmanual (standing middle) and the Red Team.  Notice Rocky front and center. DSCN3157 Kay and sons DSCN3165 Players (martin the photographer on the right) Below (5 pictures); players, family and friends……… DSCN3167 DSCN3163 DSCN3171 DSCN3173 DSCN3169