Olumu Rock – A Yoruba Shrine

Seventy kilometers (2 hours drive) north of Lagos in the state of Ogun is the Olumu rock, the massive granite outcrop that is a Yoruba sacred shrine.  It is located in the town of Abeokuta which means “under the rock”.  Years ago (in the 1830’s)  it was a shrine where animal sacrifices were practiced amung the Yoruba tribe.  Today it is a massive rock that one can climb to the top of to have a spectacular view of the town.  By the time we climbed to the top the rain had stopped, the sun had come out and we saw Abeokuta with a clear view.

Elevator to the Rock
Olumo Rock
Your choice - walk the steps or take the two elevators - we walked the steps!
Abeokuta for the top of the Rock!
A view of Abeokuta and the river
Under the Rock
Walking on top of the Rock!

Two of our Security Officers of the day.