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My Namesake: Jully

June 17, 2011 12:28 am

Sunday afternoon June 5th we received a text from our driver, Sunday.  Sunday was the proud father of a new baby girl!  He proudly showed us pictures when returning to work later that week, but was eagerly awaiting the Naming Ceremony set for Sunday June 12th before choosing a name for his baby girl. The naming ceremony is a very big deal here with all the relatives and friends attending and even includes a baptism at the church.  So to our surprise, Sunday and his wife have named their daughter: Esidena Jully Ujie.  Esidena is her native name and Jully is her Christian name.   Sunday explained,  “You have been so good to my family and when you are gone, I would like to remember you always.”  I have never been so honored. 

Esidena Jully Ujie

Sunday (holding Jully) & friends

Grace (holding Jully) & Mrs. Ujie

Sunday's sister holding Jully. Jully's siblings: John and Patience

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