I have drapes!

Previously (August 1) I wrote about my search for drapery material.  Well, I found material close to where we live but at very unreasonable prices, so I continued my search.  After all, I have temporary curtains that will stay with us till our sea freight arrives.  In the meantime, I joined the British Women’s Group (BWG) and the American Women’s Group (AWG) and the Outpost (Shells local group).  Now I receive emails from all these groups and that is how I found drapes.  A young Shell couple is transferring to Kuala Lumpur and advertised the items they were not taking to this location.  I bought all their drapery and a vacuum cleaner.  I ended up with drapes that were in good condition but too big for my windows.  So I borrowed a sewing machine and cut down and modified till I covered all my windows with drapes.  So the “Temporary gold with brown flower curtains and yellow sheers” are gone.  They had been in every room.  Instead I have white sheers with green flowers and a window topper of the same.  They let the light in and brighter the cream walls.  These are in the living and dining rooms as well as the master bedroom.  Then a friend gave me some one inch white wooden blinds and those are in the bedrooms.  The two spare bedrooms have white cotton brocades that only required ironing to hang.  Viola! Drapes everywhere!  Even did the kitchen with washable white polyester.  I plan to use stain glass contact film on the glass door in the kitchen.  The next time we are back in the states I will get that from Home Depot.  Why they hung a curtain over a kitchen door, I’ll never understand,  because every time you open the door it gets stuck in the door (at the top and on the side).  The flat looks brighter, lighter and cleaner just by changing out the drapery!  I could not have done it without Rocky though because I am too short and we have no ladder.  So nightly he was hanging drapes!  It was a very productive week!

Old drapery below:

New drapery: