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Hangin’ with friends

June 28, 2008 2:57 pm

So, today, Saturday, June, 28th, we’re hanging out with our friends at Dave French’s house in Magnolia, Texas.  The day’s spent so far eating, playing cards, drinking, eating, playing pool, drinking, eating, playing with the dogs, drinking…

Seriously, we are going to miss our friends so much, but we are counting on making additional friends in Nigeria!  It’s always a little bit “scary” giving up everything that you know and that you’re comfortable with, but life is an adventure, and Julie and I believe that you have never really lived life to the fullest unless you’ve pushed the envelope of your comfortability factor and reached out to the global experience.  We know that Nigeria will challenge our comfort factor and our views on life and the world, but we welcome that experience, and hope that we will continue to grow in our appreciation of the true human condition.

And to all of our friends, we love you and look forward to staying as close as possible while we are over “the pond”.  Stay Safe!!

More to follow…

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