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Ishahayi Beach School Foundation

October 13, 2010 8:11 am


Small Chop

September 29th was the big day.  A group of expatriate women have put together a collection of recipes for sips, snacks, soups, salads, savories and sweets.  The result is “Small Chop”.  Small Chop was launched and we were invited to enjoy homemade treats taken straight from the pages of this cookbook.  It was a delightful afternoon. 

Tasty Treats

 All the proceeds go 100% to supporting the Ishahayi Beach School which is located just a 10 minutes’ walk from our very own beach house.  The school is 70 students and growing.  The funds raised today will go toward a library for the students.

Jenny, Sue & Linda - my neighbors who attended the launch with me

American Women’s Club Lagos 50th Jubilee

8:10 am

 American Women’s Club Annual Tea

September 28, 2010

The American Women’s’ C was privileged to host their annual tea on the grounds of the American Consulate General ‘s Residence in Ikoyi.  It is a beautiful wide lawn backing on the waters of the Bight of Benin, peaceful and away from the bustle of Lagos.  We were re-acquainted with old friends to the tunes from the US Navy Band. Bill Stafford, the current CG, was our guest speaker.  His wife, Kathleen was proclaimed the honorary President of the AWC.  It was afternoon of wine and cheese from La Pointe (the local French grocery) and savories and sweets from the GQ (the American Guest Quarters).  Several of the AWC scholarship students attended as well as the First Lady of Lagos State, Mrs. Fashola, (the Lagos state Governor’s wife).

Today the AWC celebratede it’s 50th Anniversary.

US Navy Band

Friends & Attendees

Trustees & AWC's 50th Anniversary Celebration

CG Bill Stafford & The First Lady Mrs. Fashola surrounded by AWC Scholarship Students (in black & white) also accompanied by Kathleen Stafford

Peggy won the Door Prize!

Sunday Ujie, the Incredible Raffle Ticket Salesman who also doubles as our Driver

Zanzibar (in pictures)

October 2, 2010 9:33 am

Tembo House Hotel waterfront

Road tunneling through a building

Local Fisherman

Forodhani Gardens

House of Wonders

Old Fort

Dhow Palace

Brass Studded Ornate Wood Doors

Catholic Church Restoration

Stone Town Harbour from atop the House of Wonders

Fishing Dhow Indian Ocean

Sea Ammenotites

Dolphin Diving

Mums & Babies – a story in pictures

9:32 am

Red Colobus Monkeys Jozani Forest Zanzibar

Red Colobus Monkeys Jozani Forest Zanzibar

Lioness and 4 cubs

Elephant and Baby

Hyena and Baby

Vervet Monkey and Baby

Lioness and cubs

Tope and Baby

Elephant and Baby

Elephant and 2 day old Baby

Lioness and 2 cubs

Baboon & Baby

Water buffalo and babies

Elephant and Baby

Baboon & Baby

Mt. Kilimanjaro (in pictures)

8:15 am

Hiking the mountain


Man vs. Nature

the Dinig Tent

The Mountain

The Trail



The Hikers

12 hikers & 42 support staff

The Glacier


Morning n the Mountain

Celebration - Roc and Michael Did It!

Tanzania (in pictures)

7:56 am

Tanzania at is Best

Welcome to Tanzania!

Yes the elephant is going to walk in front of us!

Local Market

Baboons everywhere

Masai Mums & Babies

Town Taxi's

Elephant on the move

Schoolchildren on the move!

Prisoner Work Gang

Art shops

Off to School

Local Villagers

Elephant Skull & Bones

Tarangire National Park (in pictures)

7:28 am

Massive Baobab Tree

Impala on the Move

Tarangire River

Migrating to the River

Animals at the River

Dik Dik


Ngorogoro Crater (in pictures)

7:18 am

The crater





Flying cranes

Gnu (wildebeast)

Crater & animals

Crater & animals

Lake in the crater

The Great Serengetti (in pictures)

6:20 am

Adolescent Cheetahs



Hippos at Mara River


Lioness is hunting


Leopard in a tree



Hippo Pool

Water Buffalo

Lion Cubs

Male Ostrich


Leopard in a tree

Lake Manyara (in pictures)

5:57 am


Bush buck

Baboons on a log at sunset

Some of the Many Birds at Lake Manyara

Blue Monkey

Cranes & Storks


Water Buffalo & Storks

Girafffe at Rest