Detomo's Abroad

Detomos Abroad

Unusual Pictures from Benin Republic

April 17, 2009 5:38 am


Car load of fabric on its way to market.


Termite hill in Pendjari National Park.


Pinapples in the baskets and  in the bags; pinapples everywhere!

dscn0707Local fuel depot. The glass jars contain various amounts of fuel: 1 liter. liters and the large glass bottles 25 liters.

dscn0928A large truckload of charcoal.

dscn5684Elegantly dressed ladies.

dscn0948One way to transport a bag of grain.


Bags of mangos headed to market.


Please note the sign says “Buses Welcome”.  This is the stilt village; all trasport is by boat.


This motorbike is carrying a bed (headboard, footboard and rails, 4 chairs and a table!

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