Roaming the Beach


 This weekend as we traveled through the port of Lagos on the way to the beach we encountered a “RO-RO”  Roll On – Roll Off – in otherwords a ship full of new vehicles.  It is like a large floating rectangle with a window.  There is an ramp elevator on the side and one at the rear.  We were like a micro-machine next to it.









 We found a washed up bouy – massive!










 Here is what is left of a dead palm tree.


 It was windy and the salt spray obscured the view, but a very comfortable day for a beach walk.  After 40 minutes we had 3 dogs that found us.  As we walked they chased the hermit crabs on the beach – a game for them.



Lastly, the gentlemen and their boats (which are loaded with Sand [that they have dredged up]) are tethered together and being driven by one moter – slow going.  It’s difficult to tell but there are 14 boats here.