Shopping Saturday

After a busy week of paperwork, orientation and company direction, we decided to get out of the hotel and spend some time learning new places to visit and getting our bearings.  Laurens Gaarenstrom, a Shell friend from back in The States is also staying in the hotel, so this morning, we picked him up and went to a little French Import Market called “La Pointe”.  After picking out a some cheese and crackers, we went to pay and had a little adventure at the counter as we tried to pay with 50 Naira currency bills given to us as a gift back in the U.S.  Image our surprise when we found out that these bills, (we have 100 of them), are about 8 years old, and Nigeria has replaced them with a slightly different version, and that these are now worthless, (locally referred to as “trash”)!  Oh well, 5000 Naira out the window, (it’s only about $43)!  It was embarressing, however.

We then went for cappacinos at a wonderful little place called “Chocolat Royal”, and finished up with a Lebonese lunch at “Cactus” resturant, looking over the water from Victoria island to Ikoyi island.  There, on the water’s edge on the other bank and next to “The American Club”, is the Queen’s Drive Apartment Complex, where we have requested permenant accomodations.  Keep your finger’s crossed for us.

Tonight, we’re off for dinner with a group of expats who are old friends.  So far, life is tense, but wonderfully warm and easy.  Certainly, it will take a little time to build a comfortable routine, and truely settle in.

Until then, ciao…   …Rocky