First Shopping Adventure

Hi all!

Today I ventured out with our Driver, Chinedu.  Chinedu took me to “The Palms”, a shopping center with about 60 stores including 5 cell phone stores, a grocery SHOPRITE (part of a South African chain), GAME (they sell everything but cars), and a cineplex.  The parking lot was full, most every car had a driver waiting.  This is a very popular shopping complex with the ex-pats [ex-patriots] (people like me).   In all it is about 6 miles away from the hotel and took 40 minutes to get there.  The streets are crowded with cars and scooters.  We passed some housing construction, a new huge apartment complex with 5 cows grazing in the front yard.  On the way back numerous scooters zipped in and out as well as 2 horses (no riders).  I have no clue as to where they came from.  So in a city of 12 million spread over 3 islands – life continues to be an adventure.