London 2012 – Leeds Castle

June 2012

Leeds Castle sits on a 3000 acre estate in the rolling hills of Maidstone, Kent and is known as “the most beautiful castle in the world”.  This castle is still surrounded by a moat and dates from 1119. It has passed from queens and kings until it went into private ownership in the 16th century.  The last private owner, Lady Baillie, left quite a mark on the castle as she did a complete refurbishment in the 20th century. She used the finest French architects and designers to create an elegant country estate filled with her personal arts and antiques from her travels.  There are 24 bedrooms most with a bath. The castle is ideal for picnicking and walking the gardens and maze.

Leads Castle – a great view from our picnic spot


Castle front entrance


Fireplace in the Henry VIII banquet hall.




The chapel was commissioned by King Edward I in memery of his wife Eleanor of Castile. It is consecrated as a Chapel Royal and services are still held here.


The ruins of the Barbicon an essential part of the castle’s fortification.


One of the carpeted gardens.


Black swans are the symbol of the castle – first introduced to the UK after being imported from Australia in the 1920’s.