“Yardi” Gras – 2021

February 14 2021

February 2021 found New Orleans still deeply in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, putting the city in the difficult decision of having to cancel all Mardi Gras Parades, and even closing the downtown’s bars and restricting access to Bourbon Street.  However, in the typical “can do” and forward-looking spirit of New Orleans, Mardi Gras would still be celebrated, and the colorful revelry would simply move to a different forum.  One of the most novel concepts was to replace Mardi Gras Floats with Houses decorated to resemble the colorful, whimsical artistic mobile structures – e.g., “Yardi” Gras.  This concept turned out to be so popular, (over 3000 houses in New Orleans registered to an indexed map), that the idea and celebration has moved across the country – and even the world – and is highly likely to be an annual event with growing recognition and awards.  In fact, it was already apparent in New Orleans this year that paid tours of “Yardi” Gras homes for in-town tourists were already underway. This also had a great knock-on impact on the float-building and decoration Industry, as MG artists and companies were now being employed to design and decorate houses rather that floats.

Since Mardi Gras Day 2021 in New Orleans fell on a day of record low temperatures, (26 degrees F), and dangerous conditions, we ventured out on the milder Sunday before Lundi Gras to capture some of the locally decorated houses and were not disappointed.  Enjoy the small subset of the ~70 houses that we observed pictured here!

Endymeow 2021 – Cat Practice – 1809 Magazine St
MF – Mignon Faget – Butterflies of Winter – House # 7 – 3801 Magazine St
The Night Tripper – House Float 1 – Honoring Dr John – 1834 Toludano St
Dr John – A Mural by Artist MTO – French Graffiti – 1801 Toludano St
The Circus “Animal House” – Kern Studio – 5531 St Charles St
A MUSE-ing Garden – Krewe of Muses – 2800 St Charles St
Queen Jubilee – House Float #5 – Krewe of Red Beans – 2701 St Charles St
Queen Jubilee – House Float #5 – Krewe of Red Beans – 2701 St Charles St
Dr John – Lets Make it a Better World – 1629 Coliseum Dr
Dino Gras – Brontosaurus – Kern Studio – 5809 St Charles St
Dino Gras – Triceratops- Kern Studio – 5809 St Charles St
The Fly – Kern Studios – St Charles & Webster St
The Fly – with Nick Saban – Kern Studios – St Charles & Webster St
Mystic Krewe of Unicorns – 4500 St Charles
Live to Ride – St Charles & 4th St