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Nuremberg Germany

December 18, 2012 2:54 pm

September 11, 2012


We did a bus tour through Nuremberg ending at Hitler’s rally grounds and the Documentation center, a sobering morning.  This was a step back in history and while somber, it is a historic place I am glad we able to see.  The Nazi Party chose the city to be the site of huge Nazi Party conventions – the Nuremberg rallies. The rallies were held 1927, 1929 and annually 1933-1938 in Nuremberg.  Today many examples of Nazi architecture can still be seen in the city; huge monsterous buildings a good many of which were never finished.  After this we went to a local restaurant and ate lunch with some university students.  It was delightful to chat with them on a variety of subjects.  The majority of them were on summer break and eager to practice there English.


Tonight we are enjoying a Bavarian beer tasting.  Tasting four beers in different shape glasses that bring out the best favors. We brought home some souvenir glasses only as the beer was drunk rather quickly!

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