Lekki Marketplace

This past Saturday was highlighted by some adventuresome shopping.  After a moderate drive out of town to the Lekki Peninsula, we came upon a large open market area.  When the driver dropped us at the back gate, we were met by several young boys (ages 10-15).  These boys will accompany you through the market for a nominal fee of 100 N ($0.85); carrying your purchases and helping you haggle for the best price.  There were DVD’s, beautifully fresh fruits and vegetables, and local crafts and craftsmen.  We explored only a small portion of this huge market.  I have no place, yet, for storing veggies and souvenirs, as we are still at the hotel.  However, I did buy a small bunch of bananas for snacking and breakfast.  I also haggled their price with the help of “Frank” a 14 year footballer (soccer player), and ended up paying only 50% of the original asking price.  An acquaintance that was with us had just moved into her apartment, and she bought all of her vegetables and fruits, (garlic, onions, lettuce, pineapple, potatoes, green beans, and peppers), for the next week.  The boy accompanying her was running back and forth negotiating, and she was quite pleased with prices.  The boys were very polite and pleasant and made sure that we knew they only worked on the weekends as they were in school Monday- Friday.  We will return there after we get an apartment.