Kiki Kamanu & Fashion Show

January 26, 2010

This morning American Women’s Club meeting was not the usual speaker and coffee instead it was a fashion show!  A young American-Nigerian lady who started modeling at the age of 10 is now an up and coming designer.  Kiki was educated in Massachusetts (Harvard) and Paris.  Kiki produces only 25 pieces of any design. Omakaa is her female formal wear line.  Z.bird is a female playful avant garde design line of casual wear for today’s’ women who want something different.  Kiki also introduced her men’s line in her show to us today.  EKZ is inspired by the passion and colour of the 2010 FIFA world cup in South Africa.  Then there is the Arm Kandy or handbags.  Kiki uses 100% leather, assorted furs, ostrich, python, crocodile skins or a combination.  Kiki had music and lighting and an assortment of models.  For a moment we were all transported to New York City’s Fashion Week!


Z.bird Fashion Line


EKZ Fashion Line


Casual Dress Commenorating World Cup 2010


Omakaa Fashion Line


Arm Kandy (i.e. Handbag)


Designer Kiki