I’ll have a Chapman’s please

On a hot day we have discovered a local drink native to Lagos.  A Chapman.  A Chapman’s is served in large frosty mug  or cup.  It comes from the bar and is quite tasty and refreshing.  So I set out to find the recipe.  Over ice 1 shot of Lemon or Lime juice, 3 shots of Grenadine, equal parts of Orange Fanta and Sprite with 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters.  Garnish with a Lemon or Lime slice and a Cucmber slice and a sprig of Mint.  As I said this is native to Lagos and they are served poolside as well as with lunch or dinner.  A Chapman is very poopular here.   However, do not confuse this with the Chapman listed in most bar recipe books which is green and made of Pisang Ambon (banana liquer) and  milk, shaken and enjoyed.  Pictured below is a luncheon Chapman.