AISL – The American International School Lagos

One of the more endearing aspects of Lagos is its American School for children.  We had the wonderful fortune of seeing the school and meeting its Headmaster during a recent Saturday when Rocky went out to assist with the organizational tryouts of the school’s Saturday Soccer program.  The school is located on Victoria Island across the street from the Federal 1004 complexes, (a series of apartments and condos that were sold by the Nigerian Government when the Federal Government offices moved from Lagos to the Capitol city of Abuja).  It is a wonderfully modern campus of classrooms, sports complexes, food services, offices and teacher’s housing, all contained within an oasis of well-maintained grounds and facilities, on land under permanent lease to the American Government.  A.I.S.L. was founded ~46 years ago, and is one of the most renown international schools worldwide.  The school currently boasts an enrollment of over 780 students, ranging from Pre-K to 11th-grade, from 51 different countries, has an internationally recruited teaching staff, and is U.S. and internationally certified as a baccalaureate preparatory program.  Next year, the school will expand by opening a new High School Campus on 40 acres nearby, that will allow them to include classes through the 12th-grade.



AISL – Quadrangle One



AISL – classrooms



AISL – Teacher residences


On Saturday, Rocky went out to help in the evaluation and placement of children into recreational team formation.  At the central sports field complex, 375 children, (~half the school), showed up to be placed on teams, and to begin the Saturday Soccer Program.  While children of one age-group participated, other siblings used the closely supervised gymnastic room, playground, or swimming pool made available to them every Saturday.  The children were a wonderful assemblage of diversity, easily mixing, joking and helping the staff and each other.  Parents volunteered and supported each other’s children, making for an efficient and fun-filled day for all.  Rocky will help the league by serving as a guide and advisor for coaches and players, both at practices and on match days.  One can certainly appreciate the breadth of education that these children will receive here.  For more information on the American International School of Lagos, go to:


Soccer Saturday