African Icons

We were invited to the opening of “African Icons” and exhibition of collograph prints and watercolors by Kathleen Stafford.  I know Kathleen as the wife of the local American Diplomat located here in Lagos. She ia the Honorary President of the American Women’s Club Lagos.  Her real talent lies in seeing the colors of the people in Africa. Collograph is a printing technique in which the artist adds materials to a rigid background such as wood or cardboard. The resulting design is built up like a collage, creating a relief. The design is then inked and printed on paper. In the most basic form, it embosses the artwork, but one can create a variety of textures. Collographing is cheaper than printing, all you need is cardboard and you do not need any acid, just glue, acrylic and paint. Kathleen has spent 18 years immersed in African culture and her water colors are an expression the African people.  Kathleen studied in Alabama and in Italy and recently taught  at a workshop organized by the Creative Art Department at the University of Lagos. In appreciation of Kathleen, the students from the workshop,  gifted Kathleen with her portrait and dances of thanks at the opening if the exhibit.  Kathleen has had previous exhibitions in Italy, Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait, Gambia and the USA.  Her works are displayed in embassies and museums around the world. In 2012 she is planning an exhibition in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.